About Baluch Rugs


All these rugs were hand woven by Nomadic tribes of Baluchistan. They would hand spin their lustrous thick wools from sheep, camel and goat and dye them using primarily the vegetal or mineral dyes available to them. These rugs would take months to weave and were used to carry grain, as saddlebags for donkeys, as trapping for their animals and wall hangings for their tents. They are very well constructed and mostly one of a kind in pattern. Often new techniques and designs would be tried out in these small pieces. Each is a beautiful work of art in itself!

I have seen these rugs and bags put to interesting tasks in modern homes. Saddlebags make a great set of matching throw pillows when cut in half and stuffed. Many still have the tabs and loops for closure. They also make a nice chairback when slipped over a ladderback or bistroback chair. A single bag makes a nice dust cover to slip your laptop in when not in use. Trappings make a great decorative valance for a window or doorway. They also look great  hung on the wall. Small rugs do double duty as a table or dresser runner. I’d be interested in hearing from you if you have any other great uses for these small pieces that I can share on this site!

Please email us for a report on the condition of the rugs you are interested in. The condition may not be perfect as in a new rug. Buyers of old rugs choose them for their individuality of design, dyes and craftsmanship. These rugs hold or increase in value. As such, they have been well loved and used to some extent in the past.  As collectors of old rugs we may overlook or forgive flaws in these rugs that may be unacceptable to you. Please email us with your questions on condition.


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